Canning Sauces and Dressings

Spaghetti Sauce

Can it up and have it stored for the rainy days ahead. This from my sister, Maxine. She is an amazing woman and what a Cook!! Thanks, sis. (Makes 24 pints – hot bath canning method used)

15 lbs ripe Tomatoes
3 lrg Bell Peppers
6 lrg Onions
1 stalk Celery
6 C Tomato Paste
2 Bay Leaves
1 C Oil
1 T Black Pepper
1 T Red Chile Flakes
5 T Salt
1 T Oregano
2 T Garlic Powder
2 T Worcestershire Sauce

Blend tomatoes, peppers, onions, celery in food processor

In large stock pot add all ingredients and mix well. Cook 1 hours.

Fill canning jars leaving 1/2 inch head space, remove bubbles, clean and seal rims.
Hot bath for 45 minutes Cool, check seal, label and store … oh and enjoy!