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Chattie Sharpe

Amazing that one can use SO many Scotch bonnet peppers (Habanero) and jalapenos and it comes out sweet, mildly spicy and so tasty … a small bite on the end of the taste but it works.  I made 12 pints from this recipe and went through 1 1/2 jars the very next two meals.images-1

(Pepper Mash)
28 Habanero -seeded and chopped – Use Gloves!!
30 Jalapenos – seeded and chopped
1 large bunch Spring Onions – large chopped (Not Scallions) If unavailable substitute one small White Onion
1 small Yellow Onion – large chopped
6 Cloves Garlic
3 lrg Carrots – chopped

Put all chopped veggies into large stock pot cover with water, heat to a soft boil, reduce heat and simmer for 10 minutes. Using a large strainer strain water off cooked veggies/peppers (peppermash). Really – I think this is where the heat reduction happens and the flavor takes over. Return peppermash to stock pot and add the following:

1/2 C Key Lime Juice
1/2 T Canning Salt
2 C Sugar
3 C Cider Vinegar

Bring to soft boil, reduce heat and simmer for 15 minutes.

You can now make a sauce by using your blender and puree (Cream) mixture until smooth (Be careful when using a blender with hot stuff – vent well.)

or you can keep mixture in the relish form.

I use 1/2 pint jars. Fill jars, clean rims, seal and hot bath process for 20 minutes. Enjoy.

**** By the way … I tried some of this sauce with my teriyaki and it was awesome on a steak or a hamburger.


What to do with all those extra late season tomatoes ??? Make Salsa and can it up.

3 gal Tomato puree (food processor or grinder needed)
3 T Salt
3 T Black Pepper
6 Onions (ground – food processor or grinder needed)
18 Garlic Cloves (ground – food processor or grinder needed)
4 T Cumin
4 T Chili Pequin (Chili flakes)
8 Fresh Jalapeno (ground – food processor or grinder needed) can be omitted for mild salsa

Mix all together and simmer for 30 minutes. Jar salsa, remove air bubbles, clean and seal rims.
Hot bath for 30 minutes. Store in cool, dark, dry place.

Spaghetti Sauce

Can it up and have it stored for the rainy days ahead. This from my sister, Maxine. She is an amazing woman and what a Cook!! Thanks, sis. (Makes 24 pints – hot bath canning method used)

15 lbs ripe Tomatoes
3 lrg Bell Peppers
6 lrg Onions
1 stalk Celery
6 C Tomato Paste
2 Bay Leaves
1 C Oil
1 T Black Pepper
1 T Red Chile Flakes
5 T Salt
1 T Oregano
2 T Garlic Powder
2 T Worcestershire Sauce

Blend tomatoes, peppers, onions, celery in food processor

In large stock pot add all ingredients and mix well. Cook 1 hours.

Fill canning jars leaving 1/2 inch head space, remove bubbles, clean and seal rims.
Hot bath for 45 minutes Cool, check seal, label and store … oh and enjoy!

Garden Vegetable Soup

This is a fall put away for the year project. It must be pressure canned (make sure all your canning equipment is in good order, check all canner seals and valves) This soup is hardy and super versatile, use as is, mix with a favorite meat or poultry, make a pot pie, use as a veggie base in a winter soup. Makes 52 pints (26 qrts)

1 lrg stalk celery
5 lrg green Bell Peppers
5 lrg Onions
1 lrg head Cabbage
10 lbs white Potatoes
6 lbs Carrots
4 14 oz cans Whole Corn
5 14 oz cans Tomato Juice
1 C garlic
1/2 box Barley
12 C water
Clean and chop all vegetables – exclude water) and mix in a super big bin. (A large plastic storage bin works great)
I process in two batches. Half the vegetable mixture into a large stock pot add 6 C water per batch and bring to a soft boil.

Hot pack – clean jars, remove air bubbles, clean rims, adjust lids and rings.

Arrange in your pressure canner as manufacturers instructions. Process using 13-15 pounds of pressure for 60 minutes.